Social Media Marketing (NEW!)

Services Include: Strategy Development, Social Media Account Set-Up (Facebook, Google, Yelp & Instagram), and Social Media Management [New!]

Online Marketing? Offline Marketing? Social Media Marketing?

If you're a struggling business owner, you have surely tried to market your business. We spoke with many business owners and asked them the many ways they've worked on promoting their business (A-Frame signs, Posters, Postcards [EDDM]).

Like many other businesses during March of 2020, Forest Design also took a huge hit. Facing the option of closing for good or to invest in marketing, we chose to stay open and market our business online. We did this by marketing our business on Facebook and Instagram, reaching a minimum of 90,000 people a MONTH. As a result, we managed to keep all of our staff full-time! As many as 65% of our new surveyed customers said that they found us through social media, and only 35% from seeing banners as they drove by.

So to all business owners: if you're planning on staying in business, you will need to market your business to new customers online.

Let us help you do that!

Social Media Marketing (NEW!)

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