Susie Q's Pizza

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Susie Q's Pizza

Susie Q's Pizza

Susie Q's Pizza. But there's more! Pizza, Pasta, Fries and Burgers! This Mom is strong, bold, and a great cook.

Don't underestimate food made with a Mother's Touch!


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Who is Susie Q?

Susie Q's came to us with no brand, no design, no website. They were starting out fresh and ambitiously chose to open during the pandemic. Their theme? Pop Art and Retro! We began by establishing their brand colors and theme. Bold, complementary colors suited "Susie" well, and we created a logo that shows the love put into all of the food and added in a crown to show off her bold nature.

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The second part of the project included creating alternate patterns, support graphics, and colors that would enhance the brand. We added in reds, oranges, and vibrant greens to emphasize the pop art and retro theme.

To complement that retro style, we created brand support graphics referencing burgers, pasta, fries, and pizza. We also illustrated some icons that would represent pizza, fries, milkshakes, pasta, handmade, and soda!

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Using the brand graphics that we created, we installed gorgeous wall wraps inside the store, creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere for all customers who walked in. To add a bit of the personalized touch, we also created a pizza box print design and a t-shirt that would make employees feel right at home!

Visit Susie Q's in the East Bay!

Susie Q's is currently located in Hayward, CA.

We recently designed and developed a website for them. Check it out, and enjoy Mama's best food!

Visit their webSite

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