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A beautiful logo of "osha," designed with noodle-like style. A pink logo in front of a white wall.


Thai Noodle Cafe

Welcome to Osha Cafe

Step into the Grand Palace, and dine like Royalty at our Embarcadero location. Take in the wonders of Bangkok with ornamental Ramayana Masks, compelling golden statues, and a luxurious cocktail lounge fit for a King. Here you can immerse yourself in unparalleled Thai décor and experience our modern twist on authentic street food of Bangkok.

Branding, Logo Design, Interior Design

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Osha, a Thai Noodle Cafe, needed to stand out from the rest with a cool, fresh logo that wouldn't fall back on the traditional Thai graphics like elephants and other cultural icons. So we designed one for them, inspired by the movement of noodles, and played with the organic movement and flow of the characters. We created three different layouts:

  • A long, horizontal logo that could function as a website logo
  • A horizontal, condensed, stacked logo
  • A circular logo that could work as a sticker design
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With these different logo designs, Osha requested us to continue with branding their takeout packaging. Thanks to the different logo arrangements, we designed a takeout box belt wrapper, a stamped-on hot tea/coffee cup, branded paper bags, and branded small handle bags.

Osha did not want to stop with just branding their packaging. They also needed a refresh of their store's interior and exterior design to attract more customers.

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Lastly, Osha wanted to top off their branding project with a space planning project. We worked by examining their interior space and created a 3D model of their space. Using the wallpaper and wraps that we designed for them, we applied their logo and branding colors to the space to create a vibrant and fun space for the diners and restaurant.

Enjoy the visuals and fantastic food at Osha! While we did not create Osha's website, you can visit them at oshathai.com

Visit their webSite

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