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Moe's Pizza

Moe's Pizza Co. and More is a funky, groovy spot located on International Blvd in Oakland, CA!

We care about our quality so you can just worry about devouring! Moe's isn't trying to be fancy or hip, but just trying to be authentic and familiar.

Branding, Space Planning, Wall Wrap, Menu Design

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First Step: Discovery. We went on-site and discussed their vision and brand. Their vision was to create a pizza place that spoke to the "young and funky" while drawing design inspiration from the common colors of condiments like Mustard Yellow and Hot Sauce Red.

In an area like Oakland, the young and funky love wall art and spray paint graphics on walls, so we chose a mixture of "painter" type, and blocky, textured graphics that you could find inspired by skate parks, Chinatown wall art, etc.

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From looking at their target demographic, their product specialty, and their brand colors, we designed a logo that spoke to the "young and funky" rounded graphics and applied it on different branding colors, such as Mustard Yellow and Hot Sauce Red mixed with black and white.

True to their theme of being a Pizza Company and More, we designed funky little graphic icons that represented the other food categories that they offered on their menu, such as burgers, cheese steaks, chicken wings, loaded fries, pastas, salads, and dessert!

To top it off, we used these graphics to create a visual "pop" and lead the customers's eyes all around the menu!

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After we finished designing major graphics and the logo, we began to apply their graphics with an emphasis on the brand coloring all over items like business cards, containers, T-shirts, van wraps, decals, and even rendering exterior and interior of the store, true to its dimensions. New patrons of the location will be feasting with their eyes and hungry for what Moe's has to offer!

We also created a fully responsive site for Moe's Pizza Co! Visit to see the final product. We hope you love going to Moe's as much as we loved working with them!

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