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Lomo Libre's Toro Logo superimposed on a textured off-white background.

Lomo Libre

Lomo Libre is a Peruvian fusion food truck that roams all over San Francisco! Their signature dish, Lomo Saltado, inspired us and Chef Jose Calvo-Perez to enhance his brand and website in a way that showcased the freshness and diversity of his food! This savory dish is very Asian in essence, tying together tender pieces of steak strips with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and french fries in a secret soy sauce blend served over steaming white rice. This dish showcases the true complexity of Peruvian cuisine, which often embraces many flavors from all around the world to create its own unique “criollo” flavor.

Lomo Libre is joined by Fresca in being a part of a group of family-run small business in San Francisco.

Food Photography, Website Design

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Lomo Libre is a food truck concept created by Chef Jose Calvo-Perez.

Peruvian food, in essence, is fusion food inspired by Asian and Spanish influences and is wholly "criollo" in its flavor profile. Lomo Libre came to us with its logo and branding already established.

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Chef Jose came to us with a crucial need: he had a site, but it was in dire need of a refresh. While we won't comment on the design, there was one crucial element missing: it didn't show off just how delicious his food really is! We suggested that it was time for his website to get a re-design and take new pictures of his food as it really is. Displayed on the right are screenshots of his old website. While it was great that he used pictures of his menu, Google would not be able to read and show customers online about what his Food Truck really made!

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While his new website was under construction, we went out to his restaurant, Fresca, to take stunning photos of his astonishingly fresh and delicious food to complement the re-design of his new site.

Even though our work with Lomo Libre has currently come to a close, the story of Lomo Libre continues with Chef Jose and his family!

Visit Lomo Libre at lomolibre.com to see find out where his famous food truck will be heading next and to check out the major re-design of his site.

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