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A debossed logo on a gray fabric background with bamboo shadows cast on it.

Koja Kitchen

Korean & Japanese, but with a twist! Our menu is full of handcrafted items with bold flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Welcome to KoJa Kitchen!

KoJa (short for Korean-Japanese) was born from our desire to reinvent the way Korean & Japanese food is traditionally prepared and served. By combining the best of both worlds, KoJa Kitchen was born. “KoJa” is also the name given to our special gourmet burgers, each with their own unique recipe, it’s what brings our dedicated fans back for more. Take a look at where we started and step into a KoJa near you!

Food Photography, Menu Board Design

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Disclaimer: This customer came to us with a logo, so we worked with their logo and current branding and elevated it by providing food photography services, menu design, and signage for them.

With a mixed cultural background and a generally East Asian heritage, we referenced most of the color choices and style from Japanese calligraphy.

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Since they did not have food photos, we sent in our photographer and together worked with the customer to stage the background and make sure the food looked mouthwatering! In the photos, you may notice that they already have branded materials, including water and soda cups, caps, and etc.

After the food photography was completed, we worked on applying the photos onto A-frame signs and adding them onto their menu boards, which would be mounted on a food truck. That way, customers would be able to see what they're ordering and have an easier time choosing.

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Finally, we helped them install their menu boards for the food truck, complete with gorgeous food photos and A-frame signs! While this part of their work with us has concluded, they continue to grow their business with their own website (we did not build this one for them). Check them out at www.kojakitchen.com!

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