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Logo & Branding for Gambino's NY Subs

Gambino's NY Subs

Gambino's is all about indulgence.

Gambino's NY Subs is a family-run business who migrated from the heart of NY to San Francisco and aims to serve the most authentic NY subs on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Whatever your favorite is, we'll deliver it with pride, knowing that it is made with the finest ingredients, just the way you like it.

Branding, Interior Design, Wall Wraps, Food Photography, Responsive Website Design

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Gambino's came to us with a finished logo, so disclaimer: we did not design their logo. However, we designed everything else that is available to view on this site.

Gambino's was founded by an Italian family from New York who came to San Francisco in hopes of finding a satisfying sub--except, they couldn't. Knowing that others must have felt the same, they took matters into their own hands and decided to establish Gambino's NY Subs -- serving the best subs "on this side of the Brooklyn."

We inspired by the graphic approach to their logo and created graphics that would connect the unique architecture and icons of Italy, New York, and San Francisco to show the restaurant's rich history.

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Gambino's situation was unique: they decided to not only update their current store, but also invest in design that would elevate the new store they were opening on Battery St. So we helped added wall graphics, created solid menu boards and even added in stylish images to show the store history.

Next, we worked on food photography. Being a relatively new location, they needed to let their customers know just what they were cooking up in that kitchen!

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Lastly, we created some brand assets for them (bags, shirts, pins) that would help carry the brand onto the employees and the customers! Here we feature the final products (interior and exterior signage) for Gambino's NY Subs. We also made a fully-responsive website for Gambino's! Check them out at!

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