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Fattoria e Mare Logo overlaid on an image of the ocean floor.

Fattoria e Mare

Fattoria e Mare is an Italian Restaurant that is inspired by the Ocean, Sea, Family & All Things Italian. Their goal was to elevate their brand with a concept of farm and sea, instead of going with the traditional green, red, and white. This is our exploration into their re-brand.

Branding & Application

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Fattoria e Mare's goal in re-branding was to find a new image that would support their image of elevated fine dining. So we first started with exploring, researching, and deep diving into the values and themes that made their brand.

In an interview with Fattoria e Mare, the owners explained that the name means "Farm and Sea". Their food? Seafood-centric cuisine of Venice and Milan. We looked toward the seascapes and towns of Milan and Venice for inspiration and drew these brand keywords: Farm & Sea, Seabreeze, Beach, Ocean, Family, and Sharing.

Just by looking at a picture of the beautiful Italian Seascape, we picked out three colors: Prussian Blue, a Blue Teal, and Living Coral.

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Using these brand words and colors, we created a logo that not only showed the openness and expansiveness of the ocean but also included the sense of a united family and community through parallel lines. While it highlights an air of elegance, the handwritten typography expresses a feeling of friendliness and welcomes new patrons.

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For the last part of the project, we created mock ups to show how their branding, logo and support graphics might look on some real-life applications.

While this project has come to a close for now, the story of Fattoria e Mare has not. Visit them at fattoriaemare.com

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