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Mustard Bottle Drawing all over the dark background with the BUNZ logo superimposed.


At Bunz, we are passionate about mixing quality with creativity.

BUNZ is a burger joint open and located at the hub of Berkeley. BUNZ features all-American Classics combined with favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and sandwich melts, perfect for college students and welcome to serving all. BUNZ serves burgers, but not your average burgers. Milkshakes are on the menu, but don't forget about the Pieshakes! So what's in your BUNZ?

Branding, Illustration, Interior Design, Food Photography, and Responsive Website Design.

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Fast food with a twist and mix of creativity.

That's the concept of BUNZ. A burger joint that would reach hungry (and possibly hungover!) college students who love a good burger, but not just your average burger. They wanted something that was on the verge of fast food, but not nearly as industrial or commercial. No, even the tagline, "what's in your bunz?" was wholly a family-inspired idea, something local. So we started out with the brand keywords creativity and dynamic, with colors inspired by from commercial fast food visual stable data: the color of ketchup mixed with mayo, and an almost deli mustard color paired with a cool black.

Our branding for BUNZ includes a variety of pairings and color usage to reflect the creativity in their menu items.

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BUNZ is where you go if you're too cool for school.

We illustrated BUNZ's support graphics with these ideas in mind. They explode with the tags, #MeHangry and "Stay Juicy" with grungy, hand-drawn mustard bottles, burger ingredients, flying cheesesteaks and hot dogs. BUNZ's menu is a display of creativity, from their intriguing Mac N Cheese burgers all the way to their mysterious Pieshakes. We chose to illustrate with organic curves and movement to express the creativity of their menu.

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To support their inevitable growth and success, we designed a fully custom site for Bunz!

BUNZ was recently featured in a news article from Diablo Dish and later interviewed with DailyCal.

As aptly written by Diablo Dish:

Though the students may not be around yet, when they do arrive, Bunz will be ready with a 15-burger menu, plus hot dogs, wings, and fries.

And they're more than prepared to turn this business into a brand cult with their stunning visuals.

Check them out!

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